Our Steering Committee


High quality early learning for ALL children can change the economic trajectory of our region in ONE generation.

This is a critical time for Austin's business leaders to lend their experience, influence and voice to reinvent early childhood education in Austin. Early Matters Greater Austin can change the trajectory of early learning by:

  • Raise awareness about the importance of investing in high quality early learning today for a strong economy tomorrow

  • Influencing public policy at the local and state level, including advocacy visits with elected officials.

  • Championing family friendly workplace polices and practices.

  • Providing business, innovation, or issue-area expertise to organizations within the early childhood sector.

  • Recruiting members to join the cause through business and personal relationships.

Thanks to these outstanding leaders invested in defining the strategic focus of EMGA:

  • Christina Ayer

  • Dr. Colette Pierce Burnette

  • John Cullen

  • Dr. Libby Doggett

  • Jesus Garza

  • Ali Khataw

  • Joene Grissom

  • Linsday Ketchum

  • Earl Maxwell

  • Matt McConnell

  • Rosie Mendoza

  • Catherine Morse

  • Reza Piri

  • Malini Rajput

  • Jeff Thomas

  • Jeanette Ward

  • Mark Williams

  • Blanca Zamora-Garcia


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Ready to Get Involved?


A Letter from Our Chair

Early Matters Greater Austin envisions a community where every child, beginning at birth, has the opportunity develop the social, emotional and intellectual skills needed to succeed in school and in life. Healthy beginnings and high-quality early learning for all children can change the economic trajectory of our region. We can build a better workforce for tomorrow while simultaneously supporting the workforce of today.

Early Matters Greater Austin thanks the business leaders who are the founding members of our Steering Committee and their commitment to help Austin businesses create family-friendly environments, supporting a dynamic workforce for today and tomorrow. 


Mark Williams