Join Early Matters Greater Austin as an early matters champion

EMGA Champions serve as volunteers committed to the vision that all children in Greater Austin enter kindergarten prepared for school success and are reading on grade level by the end of third grade.


Influence Policy

Advocate for local and statewide policy and funding to increase access to high-quality early education.

Family-Friendly Workplaces

Promoting family-friendly workplace practices as a baseline for improving conditions for young children and families.

Advancing Innovation

Incubate, pilot and scale innovative solutions to challenges of access and affordability in the early-childhood sector.


As an EMGA Champion, You Commit To:

  • Allowing EMGA to publicly use your name in association with your company

  • Raising awareness about EMGA through outreach to your personal and professional networks

  • Being knowledgeable about the importance of high-quality early education

  • Holding the integrity of the vision in an apolitical manner

  • Attending the EMGA's Annual Business Summit on Early Childhood

You Also Have Opportunities To:

  • Actively engage in one of EMGA's sub-committees: Policy, Family-Friendly Workplace or Innovation

  • Influence public policy at the local and state levels, including advocacy visits with elected officials and meetings with members of the media along with other selected groups

  • Champion family-friendly workplace policies and practices

  • Implement resources from the Family-Friendly Toolkit at your place of employment

  • Help create an early childhood innovation hub in Greater Austin

  • Provide business, innovation or issue-area expertise to organization within the early childhood sector

  • Recruit members to join the cause

Champions will receive a monthly email from EMGA staff with updates on advances related to our three core initiatives as well as relevant local and statewide early childhood education developments.

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