About EMGA

Early Matters Greater Austin (EMGA) is a group of business leaders who recognize that a broad set of socially and economically valuable skills critical for a skilled and dynamic workforce start developing in children’s very first months, build over time, and are critical determinants of academic and economic success. Investments now in early learning are critical to preparing the workforce of tomorrow. Currently, less than half of students in our region enter kindergarten prepared to learn. This is stunning — kindergarten readiness is highly predictive of academic performance in third grade. Bottom line: if children don’t do well in their early years of education, their high school graduation rates plummet. Each year we allow this to continue, the quality of Austin’s skilled workforce declines sharply. Leadership from the business community can change this trajectory. Early Matters Greater Austin (EMGA) engages business leaders to mobilize and unite the business community to lend experience, influence, and voice to change this trajectory. We believe that investments in early childhood learning are critical to preparing the workforce of tomorrow.